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This site is dedicated to providing clear cut, no-frills information to members of the Loveland Concert Band. This does not, by any means, replace the site hosted by the band itself, but is intended to supplement it.

Regular Season concerts are preceded by approximately four rehearsals held in Mountain View High School's band room on Mondays at 7:15-9:15pm. See calendar for scheduled dates.

Summer concerts are preceded by a single rehearsal at MVHS at 7:15-9:15 the day before (Monday). Concerts are then played at the Hammond Ampitheater at Lake Loveland the day after (Tuesday) rain or shine.

July 4th requires 2 rehearsals: one the Monday before at 7:15 at MVHS, and one the Saturday before at 7pm at the Ampitheater.

A school bus is available to drive band members and families only from Lucille Erwin Middle School on July 4th to the park.


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